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undergraduate student from the Federal University of Technology Akure

Adamolekun Ayoola Gabriel

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Adamolekun Ayoola Gabriel is an undergraduate student from the Federal University of Technology Akure, Ondo state in Nigeria, who is passionate about environmental conservation and promoting sustainability. He is an avid volunteer for healthy environments, and his advocacy efforts are centered around protecting the planet and ensuring a sustainable future. In addition to his environmental work, Adamolekun is a strong advocate for women and children’s rights and gender equality. As a content and book writer, he uses his skills to educate and inspire others to take action towards a more sustainable future. As a student advocate, Adamolekun is committed to empowering young people to create positive change and make a difference. He believes that collective action is key to building a better world for ourselves and future generations. Through his volunteer work and advocacy efforts, Adamolekun Ayoola Gabriel is making a meaningful impact towards creating a better and more sustainable world.