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The AGNES was created in 2015 to provide scientific expertise and evidence to inform a common African position in climate change negotiations. The AGNES seeks to facilitate the exchange of ideas between experts and negotiators at the international level especially within the framework of the UNFCCC.

The AGNES utilizes scientific evidence as a major tool that can be employed to inform the unified common Africa position on matters climate change. Since, its inception AGNES has informed the African Group of Negotiators (AGN) regarding the development and defending of positions on agriculture and gender based on scientific evidence.

Project Achievements

The AGNES has played a critical role in the achievements that have been in climate change negotiations especially on issues related to agriculture and gender, that resulted in the adoption of the Koronivia Joint Work on Agriculture (KJWA) and the Gender Action Plan at the 23rd Conference of Parties (COP23) held in November 2017 in Bonn, Germany, respectively.

The KJWA is the first substantive outcome and UNFCCC COP decision in the history of the agenda item on agriculture which has been under negotiation since 2011. The decision requires the UNFCCC Subsidiary Bodies on Scientific and Technological Advice (SBSTA) and Implementation (SBI) to jointly address issues related to agriculture through workshops and expert meetings, working with constituted bodies under the Convention and taking into consideration the vulnerabilities of agriculture to climate change and approaches to addressing food security. Parties and Stakeholders were invited to submit their views guided by the KJWA Roadmap (2018-2020) .

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